For our plumbers, no job is too small. If you have a dripping tap, we can put it right within a single visit.

Dripping TapWhy should you get a dripping tap fixed?

It is important to fix taps and not let them get worse for a few reasons. First, the water flow, slight as it may be, could be causing your hot water system to cut on and off. This leads to increased heating costs and causes excessive wear on the system which in turn could lead to more expensive repairs further down the line.

To add to that, a dripping tap will probably get worse over time, which could eventually fail completely. Again, leading to more expensive repairs further down the line. Don’t let this happen, do the smart thing and get things sorted right away!

Can I fix a dripping tap myself?

Quite often, fixing a tap can be quite a simple task. Prrticularly for newer mixer taps. You can buy a replacement cassette that fits inside the body of the tap. Care must be taken when opening up the tap to avoid damaging the outside of the tap and the internal threads. You also have to make sure you buy the right sized cassette inside the tap otherwise it will not fit.

Older taps (or sometimes even new ones) can be quite difficult to open up and often a seemingly simple task can turn into a nightmare. If the tap body is seized closed, you will probably damage the tap trying to turn the casing and the tap itself can turn in place, causing it to break the seal onto the water pipe leading to a major flood risk.

We would generally recommend calling qualified plumber and getting things done right first time. You will regret not doing this if things don’t go your way.

How long does it take to fix a dripping tap?

For an experienced plumber with the right parts and equipment, tap repairs typically take under 30 minutes. When problems occur, most fixes are still completed within an hour.

If it is found that your tap is seized and beyond simple repair, a new tap can usually fitted same day. This is usually still quite a straightforward and inexpensive task.

How much will it cost?

Costs can vary but usually the base callout charge covers a typical tap repair job. The internal cassette valve usually costs around £10 and a replacement tap can vary from £15 – £100 depending on the style, quality and type.