Our central heating engineers are highly experienced with radiator installation and radiator repair.

Radiator Installation

Perhaps you have a room in your house that didn’t have a radiator before and you would like one fitted and connected to your central heating system.

Or maybe you have had a renovation and are in need of a new radiator. This is a simple enough job and we can usually review your situation, order and install a radiator in a pretty short space of time.

We are fully qualified to install central heating systems, as well as individual radiators.

Radiator Upgrades

Small RadiatorSometimes, a radiator was fitted in a room and it just isn’t up to the job. Maybe it’s old technology and inefficient. Or perhaps it’s just too small for the room that it’s in. We can remove the radiator, adjust any pipes to accommodate the new radiator and install it for you.

Radiator Repair

If you have a radiator that isn’t heating up like it’s supposed to despite the rest of the central heating being okay, or maybe it’s developed a leak. Our central heating engineers can come and diagnose the problem and often repair the radiator without having to replace it. If it is more cost effective to just replace the radiator, or if the radiator is beyond repair, we can quote you for the installation of a brand new radiator instead.

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. We would recommend regular boiler servicing to prevent blockage and leak issues from occurring in the first place.