We are able to offer boiler servicing in Liverpool and other areas we cover.

Of course, all of our central heating engineers are fully qualified Gas Safe registered. This is a legal requirement for any engineers working on gas systems.

Why Service Your Boiler?

It’s easy to forget how much we rely on our boilers for central heating and hot water. If a boiler fails in the middle of winter, central heating may not come on and it doesn’t take long for your house to get dangerously cold. Being unable to run a hot tap may leave you unable to run a bath or do the washing up.

By having your boiler serviced regularly, you reduce the likelihood of your boiler developing issues further down the line. You also reduce the likelihood of having to call out an emergency plumber at an increased cost.

What is included in a boiler service?

There is more that goes into a boiler servicing than perhaps most people realise. Modern boilers are quite complicated and there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here are some of the main areas we cover when servicing your central heating boiler:

  • Emissions testing and a flue test to ensure your boiler isn’t producing and releasing dangerous fumes
  • Expert safety check to confirm that your boiler is safe to use
  • Identifying and raising any other boiler issues or issues with radiators
  • Full check of gas pipes
  • Emptying and cleaning of central heating filter (if your boiler has one)
  • A friendly reminder of your next service
  • Efficiency check and recommendations to reduce bills
  • Inspection of boiler ventilation
  • A comprehensive boiler clean

If we identify any issues, we are fully qualified to carry out boiler repair or in extreme cases where necessary installation of a new boiler.