Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house. We use our bathrooms every day, so it’s vital that we hire an experienced professional to fit our bathroom otherwise issues can arise with leaks and seals further down the line. An important factor to consider when looking to use a bathroom fitter is cost.

What is the average price of a bathroom fitter?

The average cost of having a bathroom fitted in the UK is around £1000. This is the fee for the fitting of the bathroom suite and does not include the cost of the suite itself. The average cost of the bathroom itself is around £5,000, which includes the bathroom suite and installation.

By shopping around and requesting a few quotes, you may well be able to reduce that figure. Your choice of bathroom suite can make a big difference too, suites typically range from around £2,000 for the budget models up to well over £20,000 for more premium offerings.

Does a bathroom fitter order the furniture?

Most bathroom fitters are able to supply the full bathroom suite and any other supplies they need to fit your bathroom. If you need tiling and plastering or other renovation work, you will typically find that bathroom fitters work with other tradesmen that they can call in to complete the job. This is great for the customer as it means you don’t have to deal with each tradesman yourself. It’s much simpler.


What is the average price of a bathroom fitter?